About us

Sur-Ron is marketed in Sweden by Kohla AB. Behind the Swedish initiative are:

  • Alex, a well-known profile online in electric cycle circuits that runs the company Envolt with long experience of building electric bikes and servicing batteries
  • Peter, civil engineer and serial entrepreneur who runs companies in retail systems and expert in Porsche cars redesign
  • Christian, computer engineer and entrepreneur who runs IT companies  
  • Jesper, civil engineer and serial entrepreneur who runs companies in retail systems and sales of sailboats as well as regular electric bicycles

Alex, who has everything that happens around electric motorcycles, sent a link to a new motorcycle, which he meant was the most promising he had seen in his 10 years. Björn and Jesper immediately said - let's order each one and see what they are going for. If they are good we will check if more people are interested.

It was good. Really good. Interest was great. So big that we filled a whole container with pre-ordered Light Bees in off-road version. They come to Sweden in June 2018.

Now, Sur-Ron is launching the next model. The EU moped, which is essentially the same as the off-road model. The difference is that it is equipped with screens and flashers and electronically strangled to 45 km / h. It entitles to electric vehicle premium.

Now we are doing the same thing again. We receive pre-orders.

The company Sur-Ron

The company was founded in 2014 by three motorcycle and technology enthusiasts. With an investment of USD 30 million and 40 engineers, they created their first model - Light Bee, launched in March 2018.

Half of the engineers are system engineers who develop the motorcycle's intelligent systems for controlling electronics and battery. The other half are experts in vehicle design, product development and manufacturing.

Today, Sur-Ron has its own factory, which is robotized to 50%, and just over 100 employees in ChongQing City - China's motorcycle capital and HangZhou - China's internet capital.

Sur-Ron is dedicated to creating high-performance electric motorcycles available to everyone. Their philosophy is that people today are connected and informed and therefore rightly demand premium quality without paying overpriced.

We like that.