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Light Bee L1E EU Sin Wave - Steel Gray

46 900 SEK

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All mopeds have the color Steel Gray (black)

Introduction Light-Bees EU moped

Sur-Ron Light Bee EU moped is an electronically restricted version of Light Bee Off-road. Unlike Light Bee Off-road, it is also equipped with rear-view mirrors, turn signal flashlights, other front lights, other displays and front and rear fenders. Engine, controller and battery are the same as on the offroad variant. We have also chosen to equip all our mopeds with a 10 Ampere quick charger!

Max speed: 40-45 km / h

Max range: 100 km at 20 km / h (we have driven over 4.5 miles on a charge with an average speed of 48 km / h and then had 40% left on the battery)

Charging time: ~ 3 h

Weight: 54 Kg

Max-weight driver: 100 kg

Engine Position: Center Mounted

Max power: 2000W

Cooling: Air-cooled

Battery: 60V 32Ah 1920Wh

Battery Cells: Panasonic Lithium Ion 18650

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, 203 mm

Bright: LED front and rear and flashing lights

Screens: Front and rear (detachable, eg for off-road driving)


  • Rearview mirrors
  • Registration with the Transport Agency is provided by the buyer
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Temporary out of stock / Create a call for interest